Treasure of fourteen century

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Author(s): Mohammad Sadegh Mahfozi

Page No: 16

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I have made acquaintance of Mr. Seyyed Tabatabai and made an appointment in the afternoon

of spring day, and we went to visit the museum and the museum of anthropology. At that meeting Mr. Ahmad Tabatabai explained to us how important these kinds of centers are.

To establish this museum goes back to a long time ago, if we consider a museum a place to keep, hold; look after, present historic and cultural works. Old libraries and collection which are endowment of religious organization made the main core of our museums. From this point of the view museum of Imam Reza has more than thousand years old.

From sasanian dynasty up to present day, some people have been able to donate their wealth to pious foundation to spend their money in charity organization, and one of their endowments was to establish place or places related to book and libraries.

Therefore to support private collectors has priority for creation of private museum. Since foundation of museum of illumination art up to now, we haven’t seen any other museum was build.

DR. Sadegh Mahfouzi as matter of the fact was the sprite of reviving this old custom in our country, who used the phenomenon of endowment of cultural and historic works and collecting them under one roof called museum of mahfouzi, later put them on show for public, museum of mahfouzi represent his personal character and sprite.

With small pause you can easily find out that Mr. Mahfouzi interested in … 

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