The Impact of Women on the Human's Civilization

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Author(s): Raha Roozbahan

Page No: 14

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It’s a sunny and hot afternoon in Khordad. The address is straightforward; Tir 30th street, Iran national museum. I enter the museum. The exhibition of “Women through the Passage of Time” has opened to the public on the occasion of Fatima’s (peace be upon her) birthday anniversary. I have to go to the second floor so that I can familiarize myself with the role of women in the course of history. On the second floor, the exhibition is divided into three parts of the period before Islam, the historic period and the Islamic period so that the viewers can fully realize and feel the impact of the transformation and the idiosyncratic qualities of the women in the course of the evolution of the civilization.

The exhibition hall is quiet and there are no noisy crowds; the visitors know that this exhibition is different from all the other routine ones. So everyone is taking plenty of time to watch the works carefully. I’m in the prehistoric period section. The museum’s guides are giving exact information …

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