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Author(s): Dr. Sadeq Mahfouzi

Page No: 18

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The originator of the anthropology encyclopedia center and one of the biggest museums of manuscript and culture.

Beside he is in charge of the Avicenne investigation institute and head secretary of IranĪ„s Islamic society investigation and selected by the UNESCO and cultural heritage organization.

 Short History

 The savant Ibn-e Sina (Avicenne: 980-1037) was one Of the pioneers in science and had a clear - Sightedness for Persian • Islamic civilization who Spent a bright and blessingful life in science, and Presented a manifest sense for religious instructions in the year 10th.

He passed through knowledge frontiers of his time Sooner than the time and he just acted for the word and speech exaltation without using his God-given Intelligence in worldly aims. Avicenne, Biruni. Kharazmi, Khayyam, Quias al-din Kashani and Mulla Sadra are just some stars of this big Persian – Islamic Civilization.

From the beginning of Avicenne Research Institute establishment (by the end of the years of 1980 decade) during the time that profiteering had become the prime importance of life, Avicenne Research Institute made an effort to set its activity on divine slogans and scientific glorification of its eminent name.

The building of Avicenne Research institute (except a short duration was on Boulvard Keshavarz, ( in center of Tehran) and more than one decader in Shahrak Ghods (in north of Tehran). During this time, the Institute could present so many services to the culture and to the knowledge of Persian – Islamic civilization. Publication of more than 300 books and tens of researching essays in different human science branches and technologic terms was a part of the institute’s activities. The Avicenne Research institute was also

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