Tarikhaneh or Kodaikhaneh

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Author(s): Afsar-ol-molok Maleki

Page No: 10

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Mosque of Tarikhaneh is one of the most beautiful Mosques of primordial of Islamic world, and it is located in the south of Damghan. Structure style of mosque is belonging to the sasani era. Tarikhaneh is a compound name and Tari in Azeri language means God and khaneh in Farsi means home.

It was built before seljughian dynasty and its design is one the primary design of that period, according to researches has been done by archeology department, mosque of Tarikhaneh was a fire temple, before Persian Empire conquered by Arabs and later changed to mosque. Construction of renewed building goes back to second centuries of Islamic world (860 A.D) and its methods of architecture are the same style of the sasanian era. “Pop” believes, it construction belong to 130 or 170 of Hegira (Hegira means computed according to lunar calendar) or 810 A.D.

Mosque building is including a … 

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