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Navid Mohebi far

Author(s): Navid Mohebi far

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The Persian Gulf is a name which given to the jut of the water of the OmanSea; the Persian Gulf is located between the south of Iran and Saudi ArabiaPeninsula. The Persian Gulf is 990 km in length and its widest part is 340 km; in Strait of Hormuz the width of the Persian Gulf reduces to 55 km. The Greek documents called this Gulf ‘Persikus’, and also since the far past times, Persian Gulf was known Bahr-al-Fars by Arabian.

Today, jutting of Indian Ocean (Oman Sea & Persian Gulf) became one of most significant and riches part of the world because of "Oil".

Persian Gulf Naming

The oldest name given to the Persian Gulf is ‘Narmutu’ which is mentioned in an Assyrian inscription. This word means ‘bitter sea’ which refers to the high degree of the salinity of the water of the Persian Gulf. In the Strait of Hormuz an inscription was found that dates back to the reign of the Darius the Great. In this inscription there is a statement in ancient Persian language: “A sea which flows through the Persian land”. Since the period of Sassanids, this Gulf was known as the Persian Gulf. In his books, the Greek historian of the 2nd century B.C.,  Felavius Aryanus  has used the word ‘Persikus’ for this gulf which means Persian Gulf. The Greek geographer, Estrabon, who lived in the 1st century B.C., has used the same word,i.e. ‘Persikus, to refer to this sea. In Latin books written in the middle centuries the words  such as ‘Persikus Sinus’ or ‘Persikum Mare’ were used to refer to this gulf .Furthermore, in other languages of the world the word ‘Persikus’ was used with a bit changes.

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