Land of Bagtyari

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Author(s): Mohsen Nasiri

Page No: 4

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Strong rivers of my land call dry land for battle.

Green slops of my mountains dress up them self with Judas tree.

Sun hides behind the mountains ridge every evening.

My hospitable people present kindness to you.

Thousand of thousand generosities are inside of me which call you to tranquillity.

Even snow and coldness of my land are clamors of flowing water.

Don’t hide because your visage is blessing for me.

I am your neighbor Chahar Mahal Bagtyari and I was always here.

Chahar Mahal Bagtyari is a land located in Zagroz mountain range and it is the highest state of Iran’s plain, its nickname is roof of Iran. This place is one of the most beautiful manifestation of nature and native culture of Iran. This small state which is hiding in Zagroz’s slopes has plain of capsized tulips, forest of acorn mountain, peaks of yellow mountain and seven tannan and fountain head of two reviving rivers of Zayendeh Rud and karoon are interesting touristic sites in the state.

This state is located between 29 up 31 width degree North and 49 length degree East with area of 16 thousand and 403 square kilometers. It is connected to Isfahan from North and East to Lorstan from North West to khosastan from West and kaehkilueh and boyerahmad from South. I have to say that word of Mahal means a place for landing, and … 

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