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Author(s): Mohammad Reza Rajabi

Page No: 2

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Iran is land of four seasons. Any season you can travel every corner of this land. Natural and historic art works across the country attract eyes of every tourist to come and see historic works from ancient time which has the signs of their thought, taste, and style.

These art works were part of their way of living and today they are considered as historic work. Climax of Iranian civilization before Islam was in the achaemenian dynasty period, which there wasn’t any other civilization compare to that. In other words, Iranian’s art started to attract attention from Paleolithic era till next periods. Iranian from ancient time have been respecting nature and used it in their progress and evolution in their life, they engraved their experiences on the stones or clays so the next generation could be able to use them in their progress and development.

Today’s world installed “charter of liberty of Cyrus the great” on the entrance … 

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