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Mohammad Reza Rajabi

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Rajabi

Page No: 3

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Iran would be observed from two different views; each encourages everyone to travel to this attractive land.

After the third freezing era and circa 40,000 years ago, there has been three living places in which three mankind races could evolve and change to the present ones; North Africa, the land of black nation; Iran’s central plateau, the land of white nation; and central China, the land of yellow nation.

Based on the theory of the paleontologists, no where would be found in the world in which the evolution of mentioned mankind in the third freezing era would be possible.

The ancestors of the white nation (Aryan) have been bred in the central plateau of Iran and from then on the evolution and mankind civilization has formed and retained.

So, you have paced on a realm with a precedent appealing for those interested in history. This is from one view!

From another view, Iran has always been, and still is, the linking bridge of the west and the east for its unique geographical situation.

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