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Author(s): Mohammad Taghvashoar

Page No: 10

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Situated adjacent to the center of the town of Yazd, the complex of the Friday mosque of Yazd was founded in the twelfth century; however, what stands on the site today is the new mosque (masjid-i jadid) built in 1324 under the Il Khanids, and later augmented in 1365 under the Muzaffarids. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the mosque underwent further developments that added to its medieval nucleus. These multiple historical layers are most evident in the courtyard: to the east are

the ruins of an early, pre-Saljuk mosque; to the south are fourteenth-century structures, and to the west are late eighteenth and nineteenthcentury additions.

According to Tarikh-i-jedid-i-Yazd (“The New History of Yazd”), written in 1323 CE by Ahmad ibn Husayn ibn ‘Ali al-Kateb, the site adjacent to the earlier mosque was acquired by Sayyed Rukn ad-din Muhammad, who ordered the construction of an iwan with upper galleries, a domed chamber, and halls for prayer. Despite his death in 1330,  

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