Astara Eden of Gilan

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Author(s): Vahid Rahi

Page No: 12


Astara is a city on west side of Caspian sea and on northern part of state of Gilan, it is located on border line between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Astara is connected to Caspian sea from the east, to republic of Azerbaijan from the north, to state of Ardabil from the west and to Talish region from the south.

River Astara, which runs alongside of Ardabil and Astara road, separate Iranian Astara from Astara of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In Astara region, inhabitants speak Azeri (Turkish) and Talish languages.

This state is made of mountain and plain. Plain has hot humid climate in summer and mild climate in winter, but in contrast, it mountainous region has mild climate in summer and chilly winter, which gives a special character to state of Astara. It agricultural products are grins, rice and vegetables.

There are so many historical sites in state of Astara, like … 

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