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Gardeshgary (Persia Tourism Magazine) is the first Iranian bilingual publication on tourism established in 1997 and is issued bimonthly.

There is close relation between tourism and culture, costumes, climate, nature, historic sites.
Needless to say, revenues from tourism play an important role in National revenue and can create job opportunities. Presenting and introducing Iran’s tourism aspects such as Historic site, Art, Culture and Costumes, hand crafts, Food, Clothes, Nature, to the readers are compiled by Authors, Lecturers, Reporters, Photographers and translators. Therefore, Gardeshgary is renowned for its unique and comprehensive contents.
With over 15 years of history, Gardeshgary magazine has played a key role in Tourism Industry, and has been used as a reference book by different socioeconomic levels within the society such as Air lines, Foreign embassies, travel agencies, hotels, lecturers, students and other.
Gardeshgary Magazine is always willing to receive its readers’ viewpoints on the printed or online materials.